• Specialists in finding & creating new value for your business!

    What is measurable may be a new revenue stream waiting to be exposed!

  • New business value is intrinsically tied to your strategy

    • Effective strategy, from Board-level down, requires a shared context for how you develop your strategy. 
    • Organisational context (not to be confused with situational context) is often forgotten in many strategic plans. 
    • Without this context, implementing your strategy is near impossible. 
    • And reaping expected business value can rarely materialise.

    The Planning Coin

    On one side there are operational efficiencies, the other represents new growth. Each is essential to a company's success. Does your organisation look at both sides of the coin?

    Perhaps this is your organisation's coin?

    Is it just too hard for your organisation to flip between operations and growth? Do these attempts feel like they weigh you down from successfully transforming your business?

    Don't take the hard road, there's hidden gold in every organisation

    The rules of competition have never been more wide open. Digital mechanisms are now in place to drive the creation of new business value. This has created a wealth of opportunities to increase profit without having to lift any heavy tyres!


    The Business Entreplaneur

    Success in business requires effective and emotive branding to empathise with new and existing customers. Yet to execute strategy effectively requires a rationalised and logical plan to attract the support of your workforce; that changes mindsets.


    Both compete against the other for attention, yet both need to coexist. Without a level of harmony, your strategy will fail.


    A good business planner understands this delicate balancing act when orchestrating a viable plan. They appreciate how the creation of new business value can be the catalyst that binds these competing needs.


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  • What We Do

    We are passionate about creating purposeful profit for your business; purposeful organisations continually achieve higher rates of growth and accelerate their digital transformations in the process.


    We engage quite differently from other consultancies; we like to think of ourselves as your chief catalyst for tapping into a wider landscape of opportunities.


    There are many ways we engage with our clients. Here are some options to begin your journey with us.

    Strategic Consulting

    Frustrated by a lack of planning and delivery progress? Use our services to extract your hidden gold. We offer a range of short, crisp activities to achieve quick results without significant cost overhead.








    Talent Mentor

    We support you in the war on talent. Over the past decade new roles have been created that offer strategic value beyond what you might be aware of. They're designed to accelerate delivery of cross-functional value. We partner with you to identify and empower new strategic workforce opportunities.



    Our Bus/Tech Product

    We like busting business silos! One way we do this is by offering a multi-disciplinary, evidence-based approach to better understanding your planning and operational application landscape. We’ve designed a solution to ensure you don’t need to change your people or structure!


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  • Business Application Framework & Enablement Tool (BAFET)

    Introducing a better way to approach business-to-technology organisational planning and management

    Are you a business leader who would like a better relationship with your IT department?

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    You don’t need to be a global, big corporate to have experienced pain with your IT group, nor a medium-sized business who wants to expand your footprint but feel your IT group is holding you back.

    Are you an IT leader who would like a better relationship with your business community?

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    As an IT leader, are you tired of reacting to events and defending the value of IT as a whole? Do you feel your IT staff don't understand your business customers well enough?

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    All too often data strategies are IT-centric rather than business value centric. It comes as no surprise thought leadership documents about data are written to address the ‘IT problem’ rather than how data can be aligned to business strategy. These approaches all too often fail the cardinal rule – why write an IT-centric data strategy in the first place?


    Learn an alternative approach to creating an effective data strategy that augments better strategic outcomes for your organisation.


  • Get to Know Us

    Delivering new business value often times requires talent from multiple disciplines to make it happen. We've forged relationships with a number of experts who bring their own talent to compliment what Flipside offers.

    Meet our partnering community.

    Digital Workplaces

    Strategic Consulting

    Social Business & Workplace Transformation


    Personal & Professional Transformation

    Knowledge Strategy

    Reusing investments to deliver high quality outcomes

    Strategic Consulting


    Strategic Consulting

    Information Technology

    Strategic Consulting

    Risk Culture & Governance

    Paul Galland

    Flipside Director & Value Creator

    Paul has 22 years of corporate experience and some 10 years running smaller enterprises. His book, Flipping For Success, is a call to action for C-suite and board members thinking about better performing their business strategy. He is an avid runner and plans to spend his retirement years digging up dinosaur bones.


    Here's a list of his skills and capabilities.

  • Talking Innovation

    A case for why we will not be standing in long unemployment queues from robots taking our jobs

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    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

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