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When will we learn?

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Picture this, there’s a strong sea breeze signifying an approaching change in the weather. The natural ebb and flow of business activity continues unabated and largely unaware of this early warning sign.

A few notice and try to alert our work colleagues, but are quickly thwarted as management. They are too busy dealing with operational spot fires that erupt, each fire requiring full and immediate attention. Our attention shifts away.

Time passes. Wait, is the tide now rising on the beach? Strange. This doesn’t seem to be the usual coastal rain shower. Hmm. Something different is definitely in the air.

A few more gather and take notice telling yet more, but talk is cheap when there are profits to protect and customers requiring our full and undivided attention. Back to work we go.

More time passes and that rising tide is a distant memory. And what of that change in the sea breeze? It’s now a forgotten event.

We read about yet another massive ocean storm making landfall in a distant country. We are riveted from images of the storm’s strength, and also by the tenacity of the local people to endure its hardship.

Yet from here it all seems so far away from our own reality. Didn’t our head of just announce another wave of redundancies? Oh well, we must concentrate on our own job security in the face of challenging times.

Fisherman returning to our shores report of once-in-a-lifetime violent ocean conditions. They are finding it difficult to make their fishing quota.

The surfers, on the other hand, are on an all-time high. Many are suggesting they haven’t seen perfect sets like this for decades. But this doesn’t matter to us. They’re just opportunistic entrepreneurs taking advantage of the ideal conditions.

We must return to what we know and understand, to protect our business against this approaching storm. They say it’s going to be one of the biggest on record. Ya, right. So much hype these days.

We all know what to do. Roll out our time-tested approach of controlling costs and putting off any future growth plans. This is just another cyclical downturn we have navigated our company through plenty of times before.

When will people learn that running big business should be left to the experts.


When everyone is doing the same thing, they don’t call that innovation. They call that business necessity. When will big business learn?

And when will our lucky country wake up from its long slumber? Perhaps we’ll all wait until after the storm hits. At least the surfers took advantage before the rest of us.

But wait, there’s still time! Here are some tips to take advantage of the storm instead of defending against it.

5 innovation lessons from hurricanes

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