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    Thinking differently about strategy is important but are you executing differently?

  • We deliver big business value beyond the hype, beyond what traditional consultancy provides

    We go where no consultancy goes by offering innovation value from the inside-out. And we do this by providing simplistic yet achievable outcomes that any C-level or Board can understand.

    The Planning Coin

    On one side there are operational efficiencies, the other is strategic growth. Each is essential to a company's success. Does your organisation look at both sides of the coin?

    Perhaps this is your organisation's coin?

    Is it just too hard for your organisation to flip between operations and strategy? Do these attempts feel like they weight you down from successfully transforming your business?

    Don't take the hard road, there's hidden gold in every organisation

    The rules of competition have never been more wide open. Governing mechanisms are now in place to drive the creation of new business value. This has created a wealth of opportunities to increase profit without having to lift any heavy tyres!


    Innovate now!

    We create achievable innovative opportunities for companies trying to make sense in a business world which is experiencing unprecedented disruption.


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  • What We Do

    Our community of experts are passionate about creating purposeful profit for your business. We want to accelerate the growth of your business beyond the traditional means you have come to expect.


    To look beyond the trees and tap into a wider landscape of opportunities.

    To leap frog the competition using new innovative approaches.


    We offer a choice of three services depending on how you wish to begin your journey with us.

    Adopt a Business Planner to extract that gold

    Want to do a better job at executing your business strategy but frustrated by a lack of progress and unforeseen hurdles? We offer a range of short and crisp activities to drive better results and without significant cost overhead.


    Have a look at our Business Entreplaneur brochure to learn more.





    Better enable your strategic-minded talent

    Over the past decade a number of new roles have been created that offer strategic value to your organisation. With the war on talent intensifying, how well do you know of these internal roles and the huge potential they truly bring to your organisation? We work with you and those key resources to better enhance the talent already there.


    As an example of enabling this talent, check out our BAFET link from the menu or scroll to the next section.

    Build stronger  cross-industry partnerships

    Identifying and building cross-industry partnerships to better compete are on the rise. However what good is it to partner if neither business can capture new business value created from the shared relationship?  We analyze the partnering idea and then arm your business with tools to help capture mutual business value. By doing so, we put you in the driver seat to building relationships on your terms.

  • Business Application Framework & Enablement Tool (BAFET)

    Introducing a better way to approach business-to-technology organisational planning and management

    Are you a business leader who would like a better relationship with your IT department?

    Click here to learn more about BAFET

    You don’t need to be a global, big corporate to have experienced pain with your IT group, nor do you have to be a medium-sized business who wants to expand your footprint but feel your IT group is holding you back.

    Are you an IT leader who would like a better relationship with your business community?

    Click here to learn more about BAFET

    As an IT leader, are you tired of reacting to events and defending the value of IT as a whole? Do you feel your IT staff don't understand your business customers well enough?

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  • Get to Know Us

    We bring passion, empathy and transparency to each and every engagement

    Collaboration is how we deliver results


    Meet our community

    Paul Galland

    Corporate Strategist & Entrepreneur

    Paul has over 20 years of corporate experience and some 10 years running smaller enterprises. His book, Flipping For Success, is a call to action for C-suite and board members thinking about better performing their business strategy. He is an avid runner and plans to spend his retirement years digging up dinosaur bones.


    Here's a presentation he delivered on Measuring Innovation.

    Scott Ward

    Digital Disruption Guru

    As the Founder and CEO of Digital Infusions, Scott is a business and behavioral strategist specializing in the use of social technologies to solve business challenges, drive innovation and build digital capability. He has an extensive background in technology

    and sits as a founding industry member of the University of

    Sydney’s’ Digital Disruption Research Group (DDRG).


    Scott is also a frequent speaker on Digital Leadership, Social media and Gamification, and is a passionate advocate of social technologies.


    You can discover more about Scott at digitalinfusions.com

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